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Zoom guidance for online sessions

To join sessions on Zoom you will need a connection to the internet and a device - smartphone, ipad or laptop.

It is also possible to us a phone call to connect to Zoom meetings but you will not be able to see people or see the art work or share your own art-making, as your call will be audio only.

You will need a Zoom account. Please create an account before the session begins. If you are using a phone there is a free App you can dowload from your playstore or the website. It is free to create an account

You will be sent a Zoom link in your reminder email the day before your session. To join the meeting you simply click this link to join the waiting room, and the host will let you in to the meeting.


Please email if you're experiencing any difficulties.

Please find a place where you will not be disturbed. If you live in a shared house this can be tricky. A sign on the door of the room your are using can help, and if you don't want to be overheard then you could leave a radio playing talk radio outside your door.

You can also use the chat function on Zoom to communicate, and if you feel more comfortable having your video off this is also ok. For example, turning it off while we do a breathing or gentle movement exercise which you might not want people to watch you doing. It does help to build rapport in groups to have video on, and obviously it helps us all sharing art-making and images we've created.

Please take a couple of moments to settle in before your session if possible.

At the bottom of the Zoom meeting page once you've entered you will see some controls as below (you may have to hover your mouse around the bottom for it to appear on some devices):

To mute yourself click on the mute button and a red line will appear through it. You are now muted. You will need to unmute yourself if you wish to speak. If you have difficulties you can write in the chat or raise your hand and wave at the host. The host may mute all participants at certain points - like during guided relaxations.

To stop or start your video click on the video button and it will have a red line through if your video is off. Sometimes if it is not working it can be fixed by switching it off and on again, or exiting and re-entering the meeting.

If you would like live transcription (written subtitles) for the call, this button will be at the bottom of your screen (on a desktop/laptop) and you can turn it off or on. It is not totally accurate, but may help to fill in any gaps with language or hearing difficulties.

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