Corporate services

I offer a variety of teambuilding and wellbeing sessions to support your hardworking staff.

This seems an essential service throughout the ongoing health crises. Especially as - after such a challenging year - many people's energy and motivation are flagging, and burnout, chronic stress, anxiety and depression are becoming more prevalent.


Building resilience is key to maintaining people's personal mental and physical health, which in turn is vital for productivity in the workplace. There is already talk of a third national lockdown post-christmas, with the risk of further burnout and increased sick leave.


I offer a tailored service, adapting to your organisational structre, ethos and staff needs.


Some examples:

  • Stand-alone 2 hour introductory sessions for up to 10 people per session
    (Could be a pilot before the other options below).

  • A regular weekly drop-in group, which could facilitate and encourage teambuilding and peer support within your organisational structure
    (Could be more than 10 particpants per session using Zoom breakout rooms).

  • Series of in-depth sessions tailored to specific mental health issues that often impact on the workplace
    i.e. one managing anxiety, one for depression, one for self-care etc.


My standard corporate rate is £5-7 per person per 2 hour session with a maximum of 10 people per session for the more in-depth groups (due to time restrictions for group sharing and the limits of operating online).

I operate a sliding scale depending on organisational turnover.
Charities and not for profits receive 10% discount.


I constantly adapt my services and would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

I am available by phone (0784 505 1452) or email for discussion.


General aims of my sessions:

  • Offering take-away self-care tools/exercises that people can practice regularly at home or in nature.

  • General relaxation and enhancing wellbeing.

  • Easing stress, anxiety, depression (not in a single session, but if participants continue to implement the tools in their own time).

  • Community/peer support.

About me:
I am a HCPC registered Art Therapist, nature-based mindfulness guide and usually practice outdoors. Over the first lockdown I developed online wellbeing sessions incorporating nature, creative activities, and guided mindfulness practices.

Many people discovered the physical and mental benefits of time in nature this year. My hope is to facilitate a deepening of this experience, offer self-care tips to build resilience, and to encourage people to keep it up, especially as this isn't easy in winter months.

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