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Corporate services

I offer a variety of teambuilding and wellbeing sessions to support your hardworking staff.

Wellbeing is more essential than ever, as we emerge from the pandemic and are faced with a recession and cost of living crisis. Especially as - after such a challenging few years - many people's energy and motivation seems to be flagging. Burnout, chronic stress, anxiety and depression are becoming more prevalent*.
*(MHA anxiety screenings have increased by 93%, and depression by 62%).


"For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions
they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover"

Tailored to you:

I offer a tailored service, adapting to your organisational structre, ethos and staff needs.
Sessions can be online, or in-person at your workplace or at an outdoor venue.
Photos at the bottom of the page are from the Brownhill Visitor Centre, Uppermill where I hope to begin holding outdoor sessions locally.

Contact me. I would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Some examples:

1. Introductory sessions.
Exploring how creativity, nature, and mindfulness can enhance wellbeing,
aid stress/anxiety management and prevent burnout.
Either with an individual focus or embedding healthier practices within teams.

Online 1-2 hours. In-person outdoors 2-3 hours.
(Could be a pilot before the other options below).


2. Corporate responsibility teambuilding day:
Join me at an outdoor learning centre for a combination of nature-based
activities to enhance the environment and aid individual and team wellbeing.


3. Regular weekly drop-in online group:
A longer-term and therefore more in-depth and potentially longer lasting project aiming to facilitate and encourage teambuilding and peer support within your organisational structure.


5. Series of in-depth sessions on specific mental health issues:
Deeper, tailored exploration of the many issues that often impact us in the workplace, and can
cause issues within teams and for the entire organisation.
i.e. managing anxiety, depression, self-care etc. (See bottom of page for example self care session outline)

Example rates:

£20 per participant with a maximum of 8-10 people per session.
Groups of 5 or less £25-40 per participant depending on session length and number of participants.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for a tailored quote.

I offer discounts on a sliding scale for charities and not for profits depending on turnover.


Art Materials:
Packs of art materials can be posted out to participants for an additonal fee,
starting from £30 per person excluding postage and packaging.
(Bulk postage to a workplace rather than individuals will lower these costs.)

General aims:

  • Exploring take-away self-care tools/exercises that people can practice regularly at home or in nature.

  • General relaxation and enhancing wellbeing.

  • Easing stress, anxiety, depression (not in a single session, but if participants continue to
    implement the tools in their own time).  

  • Community/peer support.

About me:
I am a HCPC registered Art Therapist and nature-based mindfulness guide. I spent the past decade working in the charity and NGO sector, and experienced the devastating mental health impacts of fast-paced, high stress, over-stretched, under-funded work environments, battling work-related stress, anxiety and burnout. This sparked a period of deep exploration to aid my own recovery, encompassing daily meditation, creative processing, and deep nature connection practices. This led me to develop an innovative hybrid approach specialising in stress/anxiety management and burnout recovery.

An empowering mitigation strategy:

Burnout was a huge issue before the pandemic, and has been exassebated by recent events.
I see optimising staff wellbeing as an essential strategy to assist people and businesses weather this storm.
What we do in our own home-life to decompress, relax, energise, and uplift ourselves is within our control, which makes self-care an empowering and powerful act. 

The benefits of creativity and nature:

Many people are aware of the physical and mental benefits of time in nature. My hope is to facilitate a deepening of this experience, offer tips to build resilience, and to encourage people build a culture of allowance within the workplace.

There are significant correlations between nature connectedness, creativity, psychological and social well-being. Connecting to the natural world on a deeper level can bring both a sense of calm and of uplifting joy.


Over time, regular creative, nature-based tools can help us to:

  • Regulate emotions.

  • Process difficult experiences.

  • Increase mental and physical resilience, focus, and clarity.


Time in nature, and natural creativity are free resources that only cost us time.
Lack of time is not usually a barrier, as brief 5-10 minute immersions outdoors are beneficial, and mindfulness can easily be incorporated into everyday activities, as it is about deeper engagement with our inner/outer worlds, accepting the situation/emotions as it is, then working to address it.


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