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Background and qualifications:

I am a heart-centred nature-based therapist, facilitator, and artist. I have a wealth of experience with adults and children aged 2-18 in schools, community, and charity settings, including 6 years supporting autistic individuals. I also volunteered as an art therapist with adult refugees and asylum seekers for a year in 2019. My approach is rooted in my love of the animate earth and our interconnectedness with all beings.

  • Fully Qualified, HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist and member of the Brittish Association of Art Therapists

  • Woodland activity leader - working in two early years forest school settings.

  • Co-founder of Sound Nature Collective offering sound baths and nature-connection workshops since 2018.

  • Permaculture designer and forest gardener.

  • Nature connection facilitation training with Change in Nature.

  • Nature connection mentoring trainings with Jon Young and 8 Shields.

Main areas of focus:

- Anxiety and stress

- Burnout

- Feeling overwhelmed

- Managing change and major life transitions

- Feeling isolated/stuck

- Self-esteem/confidence
- Nature Deficit Disorder
- Climate emergency-related mental health issues

- Coping with long term chronic pain

- Coping with long term illness

My deepest desire is to facilitate connection at a heart level within ourselves, with eachother and the natural world. The aim of which is countering and healing the predominantly separatist, individualistic, isolating patterns prevalent in modern society. I believe this separation is at the root of many current global issues, the biggest of all being the climate emergency.

Dangerous misconceptions that we can plunder resources without impact to ourselves and other species, that there is an 'away' where we can throw waste, that we are not fundamentally dependent on a livable earth for our very survival. Thus my drive to heal this rift is strongly linked to my passion for environmental issues.


This website was created specifically with the intention of helping people navigate these difficult times. I began offering online nature connection sessions in the last few weeks of lockdown. I honestly didn't know if they would work, it seemed like a contradiction to me! However, the feedback I've had is that the online sessions are really beneficial (see testimonials). I have felt an energised flow within these offerings pulling me forward from a heart level, ultimately resulting in this website pooling the different strands I offer.

I truly care about creating a sustainable future and livable plant for generations to come, for all beings - plants, animals, birds, insects. Humans are just one element of in this planet-sized ecosystem we call home, although we tend to be incredibly human-centric.


Nature connection is a misnoma!

This idea of connecting TO nature feels uncomfortably human-centric to me. In fact it seems simply factually incorrect. Many people have this emphasis in their nature connection work, whereas my focus is on connecting us to the most profound and fundamental realisation of all, the realisation that we ARE nature. There is no 'us' separate to nature. Nature is the entirety of everything in this universe. We are born from the earth, we eat it, are clothed in it, sheltered by it and will return to it when our time comes in the great circle of life. This is what I strive to help people realise on a visceral, experiential, heart level. There is no separation, we are nature, and all is one.

Variety of services offered:
Two of my usual three offerings are available online at present. The natural art workshops will not translate so well so I'm sadly pausing those for now:
- One-off or a series of group/individual nature connection experiences.
- Standard of nature-based online art therapy sessions for individuals or families, short or long term.


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