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The nature connection session is a gentle space in which guided imagery, slowing down, breathing and making art offers a reconnection to the natural world.  I very much reccomend it in these times of isolation.

Ann Macdonald - Group nature connection session 31/05/2020

Kim’s sessions offer a revitalising break from the fast pace of day to day life.  Her gentle guidance helped me to reconnect with my senses and, in turn, feel connected with my environment and others around me.  The exercises enabled me to dial down any anxious thoughts and become more present.  I left feeling refreshed and inspired.

Crisis support worker - Group nature connection session 31.05.2020

I found it really relaxing and therapeutic. It was my first time to attend a nature workshop and at first I was very curious how it will work online. I don't have a garden or balcony but I followed your preparation tip and had the necessary items with me on the day. It was lovely to connect with people from different part of the country.It turned out to be really interesting and you are a very good facilitator.

Community Health and Well-being Coach - Group nature connection session 26/06/2020

I found the exercises calming, grounding and restoritative. Focusing on the beauty of nature, the beauty in weeds, sweet scents, vibrant colours, made me feel uplifted and improved my mood. I think there is a link to thinking how we are all valuable and needed and just as a bouquet of oddly assembled Flora looks good and brings pleasure, variety and interest so too does a gathering of people from all walks of life. We share a greater humanity and have more in common than the politicians would have us believe. There is a nurturing and comfort being together, sharing and tuning in to each other. 

When the group ended I felt calm, grounded, content at peace and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening. I found the session nourishing, restoritative and reassuring after a week of uncertainty and anxiety. Thank you for providing the space and setting and for bringing my focus to nature and for connecting me to others, especially in these times of disconnectedness.

Art Therapist - Group online nature connection session 22/05/2020

I felt held in the here and now and it was grounding to involve the body. It was a beautiful experience!

Art Therapist - Group online nature connection session 15/05/2020

I had a lovely experience this afternoon on an Introductory Workshop. It was so therapeutic to tune into the natural world of my garden with Kim's guidance and something I will definitely do again myself.

Participant - Group online nature connection session 06/07/2020

Kim facilities a wondrous space to softly deepen and heal our connection with Nature that is us.

Natasha. Art Therapist - Group online nature connection session 06/07/2020

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