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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of my nature-based practice. The hope is that a deepening connection to the natural world might engender more care, stewardship, and conservation.

Code of conduct for outdoor sessions:

Leave no trace.

Encouraging mindful conservation (one step further than leave no trace, leaving things better).

Do not pick living leaves, flowers or damage living trees by removing bark etc.

Do not dig holes (this disturbs the soil layers and microrhyzal fungi web that links all vegetation).

Do not leave litter (even edible waste i.e. apple cores).

Be respectful of all wildlife, from bugs to birds. Keep your distance and try not to startle creatures, especially those with young or nesting birds.

Only use biodegradable art materials when outdoors, especially if you intend to leave the artwork in situ to biodegrade over time.

If you have to 'do a number 2' in nature use a bag and take it with you like you'd do for a dog. Please do not leave toilet paper litter.


Online sessions and procurement:

Purchase ethically and environmentally sustainable IT equipment.

Be mindful of leaving screens on unnecessarily for long periods. Minimise energy usage where possible.

When it is within my control, I have a commitment to securing environmentally sound electricity provider with renewable energy at it's core.

When I encourage participants to go outside regularly by themselves I will remind them of the above code of conduct for outdoor sessions.

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