The value of nature connection in our current global landscape

At a time where our lives have been turned upside down on a global scale, the cyclical natural seasons show us that we can survive difficult transitions. All things change and pass and the new is born out of the compost of the old. It is a necessary and natural process but can feel terrifying and devastating at the time. What's happening now globally feels akin to what happens naturally in wintertime, a collective pause and reflective gathering together. There is so much grief, financial difficulty, loss, and uncertainty. So I wanted to offer something to support those who are impacted most. Increased connectivity to other people, nature, and ourselves, has the power to actively stimulate patterns of security in our parasympathetic nervous system, switching us from threat response to soothing. Nature connection works with the body through breath and activating all the senses and heightening our awareness and receptivity to natural stimuli, and these signals from the body can impact our mind, soothing and slowing our pace, and opening our heart. 

Attuning to natural symbolism, what draws our eye, tempts our touch, or excites us to move along with it can offer us insights and help us access deeper, intuitive guidance. During this global pause many people are spending a lot of time reflecting on their own lives, systems within wider society, and wondering where to go next. Spending time in nature can resource us, can offer teachings or simply timeless time to let the mind drift and new possibilities bubble to the surface.

They say that solutions cannot come from the same level of thinking that created the problem. Most of our lives are lived in our heads, and in an individualist, seperated mindset driven by consumerism and competition. The time has come to descend into our heart minds, where we are intrinsically connected to all beings in this universe, animate and inanimate, past, present, and future. Only then will we truly feel the hurt that is done to one is done to all. For example our bodies contain a huge percentage of water, we are water beings! So what if the polluted river ends up in our bodies, or in the bodies of our grandchildren, or someone elses children, or in the trees that provide oxygen for all life on earth? Connection leads to compassion which leads to action. It is time for action, or there will no longer be a livable planet. This earth is precious, unique in all the known universe. How dare we jeopardise it?

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